Virtual Tour

Welcome to our 360 virtual tour of Broadfield. By clicking on the links below, you will be able to visit Broadfield from the comfort of your own home. You can explore the house, the bar, the upper barn and the grounds, almost as though you are actually walking through those spaces.

It’s a brilliant way to get a feel for Broadfield prior to a visit, or indeed to be able to show your family and friends.

In the house, from the introductory dolls house view, you’ll be able to click into any of the rooms, and from there wander wherever you wish. Or if you’d rather sit back and watch, you can press play and let a video style tour take you through the whole of Broadfield without lifting a finger.

Please access our virtual tour of the house here.

In the upper barn and bar, again you can click through the rooms as you wish, and then when you are ready to enter the grounds, just press the play button. A video will play, which you can pause at any time to take a 360 look around, then simply restart and carry on the tour.

Please access our virtual tour of the bar, upper barn and grounds here.

Please do enjoy your tours, and if you like what you see and haven’t yet booked, do get in touch with us to come for a visit.


With thanks to Virtual 360 Tours Gloucestershire